Who Spies, Who Kills? (#4)

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A dead spy sucks Tim Corrigan into a deadly international conspiracy

Walter Ingram has an English name, but a German accent. He passes through the lobby of his New York hotel with ramrod-straight posture, bypassing the bar and going directly to his room. There, he’s greeted with a pistol to the skull. The 1st blow dazes him; the 2nd knocks him out. As he dies, Ingram murmurs, “Nein . . . Nein.” Seconds later, a cabbie fighting his way through New York traffic hears a sickening thud as the mangled remains of Ingram’s body crash into the hood of his car. On the streets of Manhattan, it’s raining spies.

The case lands in the lap of Tim Corrigan, the 1-eyed cop who strikes fear into criminals across New York City. Before he can catch the killer, he must find out who Ingram really was. The dead man had countless names, passports, and powerful friends. But nothing can stop Corrigan from finding the truth.


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