Why So Dead? (#2)

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Chuck Baer and Tim Corrigan chase a sultan’s assassin to recover a million-dollar ruby

Chuck Baer is a brilliant private detective, but he’ll never be called graceful. Hired by the all-powerful sultan of Morojaca to provide security for a banquet, this bearlike PI requires backup with class, and there is no tough guy in New York quite as classy as Tim Corrigan. A 1-eyed cop with a sense of style, Corrigan is happy to tag along to the event. Once there, he finds himself guarding not only the crown jewels, but also the cream of the sultan’s harem. Sometimes, a cop’s life isn’t so bad.

The sultan is opening gifts from well-wishers when an explosion rocks the ballroom, blowing the monarch to smithereens. When the smoke clears and the sultanas stop screaming, it becomes clear that the killer has made off with the Akhoond—a million-dollar ruby as red as the blood that stains the floor. Corrigan is about to embark on the wildest chase of his career. . . .


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