With Unclean Hands (#0.75)

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Andrea Cort. War criminal. Genius. Outcast. Heroine. Sent to the home-world of the Zinn, a once-powerful race now on the long path to extinction, she’s expected to sign the approval for a simple prisoner transfer — but why are the Zinn so eager to take custody of an unremarkable human murderer? What brutal crime is being planned against an innocent? What hidden agenda threatens to topple the balance of power? This Nebula-Award nominated novella is the earliest adventure of Andrea Cort, heroine of the Philip K.Dick Award winning novel, Emissaries from the Dead.


“Castro sets his puzzle up and then unravels it with care. The story packs a potent emotional punch. Cort is a character unlike just about any I’ve encountered over a lifetime.”

Fantasy Literature

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