Yumi and the Nightmare Painter (#3)

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#1 New York Times Bestselling author Brandon Sanderson brings us a gripping story set in the Cosmere universe told by Hoid, where two people from incredibly different worlds must compromise and work together to save their worlds from ruin.

Yumi has spent her entire life in strict obedience, granting her the power to summon the spirits that bestow vital aid upon her society―but she longs for even a single day as a normal person. Painter patrols the dark streets dreaming of being a hero―a goal that has led to nothing but heartache and isolation, leaving him always on the outside looking in. In their own ways, both of them face the world alone.

Suddenly flung together, Yumi and Painter must strive to right the wrongs in both their lives, reconciling their past and present while maintaining the precarious balance of each of their worlds. If they cannot unravel the mystery of what brought them together before it’s too late, they risk forever losing not only the bond growing between them, but the very worlds they’ve always struggled to protect.


"This was utterly brilliant and satisfying. Yumi and the Nightmare Painter will be the best of the secret project novels, and it is easily one of Sanderson’s finest books in his career."

Novel Notions

"Sanderson crafts a fun and interesting story within the Cosmere. The novel doesn’t crumble beneath the burden of advancing the Cosmere into a more tech-savvy world. It ushers in a new era gently and with a whimsical story told by everyone’s favorite mysterious bard. "

The Quill to Live

"Romance readers will enjoy this one as well as any fan of the fantasy genre."

Under the Radar SFF

"I expected the masterful worldbuilding and the compelling characters but what I did not expect was such a tender exploration of loneliness, acceptance and love.... Romantic, mystical, poignant and hopeful, this novel is simply stunning."

The Fantasy Hive

"Yumi and the Nightmare Painter is exquisite. It all wraps up sublimely and I had to wipe away tears as I closed the book’s final pages.... I absolutely recommend Yumi and the Nightmare Painter to fans of well-written, captivating, and unpredictable fantasy novels, whilst reminding them that it features a slightly more predictable yet equally charming romantic side."

Before We Go

"A lovely, character-driven story that highlights how Sanderson’s writing can be more than just amazing magic systems."

The Library Ladies

"[Yumi and the Nightmare Painter] was classic Sanderson in its mystery, adventure, wit, and world building. It was unique Sanderson too–it was sweet and warm and featured a perfectly charming love story. I laughed at some parts, I cried at others, and some parts gripped me tight and forced me to keep turning pages."

One Man Book Club

"Yumi and the Nightmare Painter is perfect in its pacing, never leaving a moment to feel dull.... This book truly weaves a beautiful narrative with amazing worldbuilding that is further enriched by great characters."

Nazah Afreen

"Sanderson’s a master of world building, and it was mostly that that pulled me in. At the start of the book I didn’t really care about what was happening to Yumi and Painter, I just wanted to live in their worlds! They’re both incredibly detailed and expertly crafted, and I enjoyed every single sentence that painted another part of them. Eventually though, the story pulled me in. Of course it did. And by the end I sat there, mouth agape, in awe of how it all unfolded."

Trey Stone

"[A] resounding endorsement. Must read. Cosmere pinnacle, and top fantasy book."

Alexito's World

"The relationship of Yumi and Painter to one another comes to explore the nature of art, its influence on a person’s well-being, and how the creative act has power."


"This is another fun read from Brandon Sanderson [...] I’d recommend it to anyone who loves anime and manga, and wants those vibes in a fantasy book."

Courtney Reads Romance