FAIR COIN to be featured at this year’s Dragon*Con


Every year at Dragon*Con (the¬†world’s largest fantasy/SF convention held in Atlanta, GA), YA Lit chooses a single novel to feature in its book club panel; and this year we are excited to learn that FAIR COIN by E.C. Myers is their 2013 selection!

Prior to the start of Dragon*Con, YA Lit will announce their selection to allow time for fans of the young adult genre to have a chance to read FAIR COIN that they will then discuss in the presence of the author. This is a unique opportunity for any author, and E.C. is excited to be joining the ranks of Jonathan Maberry (author of last year’s selection: Rot & Ruin) as well as Orson Scott Card.

This year’s YA Lit panel is currently scheduled to take place on Saturday, August 31st at 2:30pm. Be sure to drop by if you happen to be in Atlanta over Labor Day weekend or join the discussion online via YA Lit @ Dragon*Con’s website.

Congratulations, E.C.!