For Preservation Purposes


We recently noticed that there are still some vestiges of Version 1.0 still lurking on the internet. Fortunately, these were easy to hunt down and re-code in order to make them redirect to the fantastic WordPress layout that you see before you now; A.K.A. Version 2.0. While we do appreciate the older website for its “vintage” feel, there really isn’t anything there that would be relevant today.

With one major exception!

Back in December of 2004 the Loews  Astor Plaza closed following its final showing and its passing was for immortalized in Joshua’s online obituary. That e-eulogy  was once  only able to be found via our old website, but I am happy to announce that we have preserved every last word by moving it HERE.

And just to get you started, here are the first captivating lines of Joshua’s “Astor Plaza Obituary”:

At approximately 12:20 AM on Monday August 2, 2004, the curtain closed for the final time on the Loews Astor Plaza. At the time of its death, it was the biggest and best movie theatre in New York City. It left no survivors; when the Astor Plaza died, the era of the Times Square movie palace died along with it.