Germany Sees Daylight (UPDATED)


Peter Brett got a surprise during this week’s tour of Austria and Germany, his newest novel THE DAYLIGHT WAR made the German bestseller lists even before it was officially on sale. And not only that, it was his highest-ever placement on the German bestseller lists as well, getting to #6 on the Der Spiegel paperback chart, ten spaces ahead of the peak ranking for THE DESERT SPEAR. Will the book climb even higher on the lists for the current week? That’s the kind of cliffhanger that will give the ending of THE DAYLIGHT WAR a run for its money!

Congratulations again to Peter, who has also been #3 on the Sunday Times of London list, and #19 on the NY Times list, also record placements for Peter.

UPDATE: THE DAYLIGHT WAR has landed at #5 on the Der Spiegel bestseller list during its first week of true sales! Congratulations again Peter!