Hanging Out with the Best (of the Best), Pt 3


First things first: Joshua, Eddie, Jessie, Brady, Sam, & Lisa would like to wish everyone a happy and healthy 2013!

Now on to new business:

JABberwocky is a literary agency and therefore isn’t in the business of bragging. But if we were in the business of bragging, even Nate Silver wouldn’t be able to estimate the size of our collective swagger upon seeing The Ranting Dragon‘s list of the “Fifty Fantasy and Science Fiction Novels to Look Forward to in 2013.”

The #1, #2, #3, AND #4 spots were all cinched by JABberwocky clients, with a total of seven books from five of our authors all making the grade.  Brandon Sanderson, Myke Cole, Peter V. Brett, Jim C. Hines, and Marie Brennan had their upcoming books land in the top 25. Here are each of their respective rankings:

#21 – CODEX BORN (Magic ex Libris series, book 2) by Jim Hines
#16 – A NATURAL HISTORY OF DRAGONS (Lady Trent series, book 1) by Marie Brennan
#09 – STEELHEART (untitled series, book 1) by Brandon Sanderson
#04 – THE RITHMATIST (untitled series, book 1)┬áby Brandon Sanderson
#03 – THE DAYLIGHT WAR (Demon Cycle series, book 3) by Peter V. Brett
#02 – FORTRESS FRONTIER (Shadow Ops series, book 2) by Myke Cole
#01 – A MEMORY OF LIGHT (Wheel of Time series, book 14) by Brandon Sanderson & Robert Jordan

With this much excitement for JABberwocky’s authorial corral, 2013 is already shaping up to be another great year for fans of quality science fiction and fantasy!