Hanging Out with the Best, Pt 1


It’s that time of year when the annual lists are starting to come out, and the world reinforces that we get to hang out with the best darned authors!

On a forward-looking basis:
Fantasy Faction has Peter V. Brett’s The Daylight War as their most anticipated Fantasy Title of 2013, Brandon Sanderson is at #7 with the 2nd Stormlight Archive book (which may not be out in 2012, actually) and Myke Cole’s Shadow Ops: Fortress Frontier is in the #8 spot.  Both of these books will be out in February, and we’re starting to get a lot of buzz for both.  Publishers Weekly says of Fortress Frontier “this action-filled adventure holds the reader’s attention.”  Patrick Rothfuss just read Myke’s first Shadow Ops book Control Point and let the world know “I love it.”  Review copies of Peter Brett’s Daylight War, the third book in his Demon Cycle, have just started making it into readers’ hands, and the Twitter-verse is quite full of boastful reviewers letting everyone else know! There’s oodles of other good news about Brandon in this season which we will be sharing.

All of us at JABberwocky are counting down the days and weeks until these books arrive, the official Ace on sale date for Fortress Frontier is Tuesday January 29, 2013, and then two weeks later for the strict on sale of Peter V. Brett’s The Daylight War on Tuesday February 13.