Huff, Campbell part of Kobo’s Black Friday Super Sale


Through Monday November 30, you can get two of our top e-books as part of a Black Friday “Buy Two Get Third Free” weekend special on Kobo.

The first of our two promo titles is Tanya Huff’s Sing The Four Quarters, which is the first in Huff’s Quarters series.  The book is one of Joshua’s personal favorite Tanya Huff novels, and one of Diana Wynn-Jones’ personal favorites as well.   Annice, a Bard with a very special gift of song, is on the run from the Royal Guards with the Duc of Ohrid, the father of her unborn child, both of them guilty of treason – one of them unjustly accused. To save the Duc’s life, they’ll have to cross the country, manage to keep from strangling each other, and defeat an enemy too damaged for even a Bard’s song to reach.  Little-known tidbit:  When Tanya first submitted the proposal, she didn’t have a title for the book, so the contract was for “The Pregnant Bard Book,” and that just about sums up what makes this such a fresh, fun fantasy.


Second is Jack Campbell’s The Dragons of Dorcastle.  Badass Book Reviews says Dragons is “One of the best books I’ve read so far this year…The story is fast paced with tons of great action and very interesting world building…If you like fantasy, I simply cannot recommend this highly enough.”  Warning:  Read this book and you’ll be totally hooked on Campbell’s Pillars of Reality series, and be buying the rest of the series ASAP.  Dorcastle shows a NY Times bestselling author at the top of his form.  A young Mage and a young Mechanic will have to join forces to save their lives, as their own Guilds will do anything to see them dead, before they can start a fight that will change their world forever.

There are lots of other great sf/fantasy and other novels to choose from in this special Kobo sale, so it’s a great time to sample one or both of these great titles and be on the way to having a third book in your cart for free.