Hugo By Association


We’re tempted to break into song — this song in particular — to celebrate our client Jim C. Hines, who is a 2012 Hugo Nominee for Best Fan Writer.

On Live Journal and mirrored on his blog (check both to catch all the robust comments), Jim maintains a robust and diverse web presence. His “First Book Friday” gives authors a place to talk about their path to first publication. He doesn’t shy from hot topics, one he blogged about aggressively in 2011 was sexual harassment in sf and fan/con circuits. He does straight shooting about the industry, and he gives a glimpse into both his professional life and personal life. And much, much more. For the quality of his writing, its range, its insight, its breadth, and more, his Hugo nomination is richly deserved.

We’re honored to represent Jim’s fiction, including his Goblin and Princess novels and forthcoming Magic Ex Libris series. We’re incredibly proud of his extracurricular activities, and wish him all good fortune in the final Hugo Award balloting.