Hugo Excuses


Not to make Writing Excuses, but Brandon Sanderson is part of the team behind the 2012 Hugo-nominated podcast Writing Excuses, along with Jordan Sanderson, writers Dan Wells and Mary Robinette Kowal, cartoonist Howard Tayler.

This weekly podcast is a must for the aspiring writer, with weekly topics that cover the craft of writing, the business of writing, the promotion of books and authors, and much much more. There’s a long tradition of “paying it forward” in sf/fantasy. Writing Excuses is a prime example of this. As Brandon’s agents, we can hardly keep up with all things Brandon — yet somehow he finds the time week after week to join forces with the other members of the Writing Excuses team to open the curtain.

Happily, it’s nominated as Best Related Work, a different category than Jim C. Hines. We can unabashedly cheer on both when the Hugo Awards are announced Labor Day weekend.