It’s a RPG!


JABberwocky is delighted to announce that  a role playing game, Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn Adventure Game, is just out from our friends at Crafty Games.  It’s the first RPG to be based on a JABberwocky property, which makes this, as Dean Wormer might say, double secret exciting.  You can buy it as a deluxe hardcover, a regular softcover or digitally by clicking over to Crafty. Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn trilogy has quickly established itself as a modern fantasy masterpiece in just a few short years since the first novel was released.  It can be obtained in a handy boxed set, which according to Nielsen Bookscan outsells even Lord of the Rings most weeks of the year. Why not get your fantasy-loving friend a double-stockinged treat of both the RPG and boxed set!