Jabberwocky and Sasquatch! Together At Last: Our Sasquan 2015 Schedule



A rare sighting of Sam walking to the convention center.

It’s that time of year again! WorldCon 2015 – this year held in beautiful Spokane, Washington!

Two from JABberwocky will be in attendance along with a gaggle of our clients. Joshua’s full schedule can be found on his blog (here) but here are the highlights:

Understanding Contracts (panel)
Wed Aug 19, 1pm
Convention Center, Room 300D

Horror/Paranormal – What’s New (panel)
Thu Aug 20, 5pm
Convention Center, Room 300C

Pitch Sessions
Fri August 21, 9am
Sat August 22, 3pm
advance registration required

Kaffee Klatche
Sat August 22, noon
advance registration required

Sam will also be on hand during the Pitch Session. He’ll also be holding informal and impromptu pitch sessions throughout the panel (more info on his blog). Be sure to follow him on twitter for the times and locations!

These clients will also be in attendance: Joe Zieja, William C. Dietz, John Hemry/Jack Campbell,Dave Bara, Brandon Sanderson, Eric James Stone, Adam Rakunas,Curtis C. Chen, Megan O’Keefe, Chris Husberg, Gabe Denning, Dan Moren.

This year’s WorldCon is shaping up to be something special. We’ll see you there!