JABberwocky welcomes Benjamin Parzybok


JABberwocky is delighted to welcome Benjamin Parzybok into the ranks today!

His second novel, SHERWOOD NATION, just sold to Small Beer Press, who published his debut COUCH to considerable acclaim. On top of everything else, COUCH was named an Indie Next List pick.

SHERWOOD NATION is planned for publication in 2014. It tells the story of a micronation that rises in Portland following a prolonged drought that dries up the Willamette River, weaving together global climate change, the Robin Hood myth, and modern social justice movements like Occupy. It’s a really engaging book, so mark your calendars.

We’d also like to offer our belated congratulations to Ben’s partner, Laura Moulton! Laura is the co-founder of Street Books, which won the National Book Award’s Innovations in Reading award this past November.