JABberwocky Welcomes K. Eason!


K. EasonHailing from the Golden State, K. Eason is the newest debut author on our client list. ENEMY and its sequel OUTLAW have sold to 47North!

With the cheeky opening words “Mighty Agent, Architect of My Future,” there was never any doubt that this query would lead to something special. And it didn’t disappoint! ENEMY is a deliciously dark and complex fantasy novel, featuring a half-blood heretic who must outwit vengeful gods and the local legion to save her partner, the Republic, and (maybe, if there’s any luck leftover) herself from conspiracy, murder, and war. K. effortlessly explores gender and genre norms while still delivering a fast-paced story of politics, magic, and vengeful gods.

Congratulations, K!

When not writing, K can be found picking up new life skills, ranging from martial arts (including a black belt in kung fu!), to Viking sword and shield work, to knitting.

Adrienne Lombardo at 47North is the acquiring editor. Lisa Rodgers negotiated for JABberwocky. For translation rights, contact Krystna Lopez.