JABberwocky welcomes Silvia Moreno-Garcia!




On this most austere of holiday occasions, we’re delighted to welcome our newest client, Silvia Moreno-Garcia!

Silvia’s debut novel, SIGNAL TO NOISE, recently sold to Solaris, with an anticipated publication date of Fall 2014. It’s a work of literary fantasy, set between the Mexico City of the 1980s and the 2000s, where music begets magic. It carries echoes of Jennifer Egan and David Mitchell, and we’re extremely excited for its pending publication.

Silvia was a finalist for the Manchester Fiction Prize, in 2011, she won Canada’s Gloria Vanderbilt/Exile Award for Best Emerging Writer, and she is the publisher of the Vancouver-based Innsmouth Free Press.

While you’re waiting for SIGNAL TO NOISE to drop, you can check out her debut collection, THIS STRANGE WAY OF DYING, by clicking here.

Welcome, Silvia!