Katrina Emmel

Katrina grew up in New Hampshire, and has a love for literature and science. She studied biochemistry in college before moving to the Midwest for graduate school, where she earned her Ph.D. in chemistry. Continuing her journey to the West Coast, Katrina lives in Southern California with her husband, two children, father-in-law, and their rascally beagle pups, Doc and Wyatt.

Katrina writes young adult romance and children’s fiction and non-fiction (with a hearty helping of STEM). Her family raises milkweed and monarch butterflies to help conservation efforts. She loves chai with French vanilla creamer, Lithuanian dill pickles, science and nature, traveling, music, and crafting. Fun fact: Hurricane Katrina was not named after her but she was named after a character in Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew.

Favorite element: Tungsten
Favorite ice cream flavor: Coffee Toffee Bar Crunch
Favorite smell: jasmine, honeysuckle, and old books
Favorite logogram: &

Katrina Emmel’s debut YA romance, Near Misses & Cowboy Kisses, arrives summer 2024 from Delacorte.

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    Near Misses and Cowboy Kisses
    Katrina Emmel



Near Misses and Cowboy Kisses
"A sweet, slow-burn romance with a swoon-y payoff."

Kirkus Reviews

"The Oregon Trail setting provides an evocative backdrop against which Riley and Colton’s snappy banter and push-pull dynamic plays out. Well-worn romance tropes delivered via tightly paced writing teeming with sunshiny vibes make this a swoony and uplifting read"

Publishers Weekly

"A fun setting and a couple who readers will root for make this a great light romance selection."

School Library Journal

“Near Misses and Cowboy Kisses is a delightful and romantic romp that will lasso your heart and never let go!”

Kristy Boyce, bestselling author of Dungeons and Drama

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