Ann LaBar

Having spent most of her life talking and listening to people who aren’t there, Ann LaBar has tried to legitimize her madness with a B.A. in Theater from Indiana University of PA and an M.F.A. in Creative Writing from University of Alaska.

When she isn’t traveling with her insanely adventurous husband, hounding her two grown children, or walking her one-eyed French bulldog, she is writing.

Find Ann LaBar on her website, or follow her on Twitter @AnnLabar.


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    Prom Theory
    Ann LaBar



Prom Theory
"...I genuinely enjoyed every scene with Iris, Esther and Seth. Their friendship was so fun and loving, and embodied true friendship in the desire to help one another no matter what."

Ideally Inspired

"Overall, this was a good book if you’re looking for a high school romance with a diversity rep for the main character."

Baltimore Bibliophile

"I thought Iris was an observant and witty main character. She made a ton of interesting observations about the world around her and I really enjoyed the spin she put on them. She was definitely quirky but I loved that she owned that...I thought this was a cute story."

Books Over Everything

"This sweet spring romance is perfect for anyone seeking a fluffy YA contemporary with an experimental adorable new romance release which you should definitely pick up."

The Baronness of Books

"That said, I’m a massive fan of the friends to lovers trope so I did rather enjoy the inevitable romance...I did enjoy the book and reading experience."

The Scribe Owl

"This book is very unique & for that I can’t say enough good things about it! A fun, enjoyable, & quick read."

C. Marie Books

"A well-written young adult book with smart humor and dialogue. It’s high school intrigue up close with a romantic twist. LaBar also does a great job portraying Iris’ thoughts and what it’s like to be extremely bright and … different."