Christopher Swiedler

Christopher Swiedler is an author and software engineer who lives with his wife and three children in California, where they’re under constant threat from earthquakes, tsunamis, and the occasional Martian dust storm. His goal in life is to win the Newbery Honor (not the medal itself) because he believes being a runner-up builds good character. 

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  • Standalone
    The Orpheus Plot
    Christopher Swiedler
  • Children's
    In the Red
    Christopher Swiedler



The Orpheus Plot
"Swiedler offers a fast-paced tale about defying expectations; the novel’s focus on character dynamics and scientific plausibility makes this a read reminiscent of Robert Heinlein novels."

Publishers Weekly


In the Red
“By telling the story from Michael’s perspective, Swiedler offers a fresh take on heroism through an honest portrayal of the emotional struggle of overcoming anxiety. The friendship between Michael and Lilith feels real and grounded as they confront family issues, mental health, and their own relationship, and readers will be left breathless by stunning descriptions and harrowing feats of survival as two tweens face death, danger, and emotional upheaval.”


“The writing is reminiscent of Gary Paulsen’s Hatchet and Andy Weir’s The Martian—it maintains a skillful blend of science and survivalism to keep readers engaged and invested in the outcome [...] A smart choice to read individually or as a group to further explore the possibilities of life on Mars and the ­science behind the fiction.”

School Library Journal

"Swiedler’s debut is a clever and exciting read that casts a key female character as an intrepid explorer and a supportive friend."


"You know those awesome survival books where someone gets stuck on a mountain somewhere and barely makes it out alive? Well, this is that, but on MARS!"

Feed Your Fiction Addiction

"A science fiction story that feels like it could be telling the future. Kid vs. Nature in a setting that is more hostile than anything on earth."

Sonder Books Review

“In The Red is a thrilling combination of wide-eyed imagination and gritty real science, starring courageous young heroes using their smarts to battle impossible odds. A non-stop, pulse-pounding adventure!”

Kevin Emerson, author of Last Day on Mars

“Hang on to your helmets. Christopher Swiedler takes you on a nail-biting, sci-fi adventure where every page holds unexpected peril for his bold heroes. He makes the impossible seem plausible in a universe where strolling on Mars can be normal, wondrous and at times, terrifying. It will leave you breathless.”

D.J. MacHale, New York Times bestselling author

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The Orpheus Plot

A Junior Library Guild selection