Clay Harmon

Clay Harmon grew up just outside Yosemite National Park, where he ran as a long-distance runner and helped lead his high school’s military program. Random accolades include winning first place in a state competition in the aforementioned military program, as well as trying (and failing) to get his pilot’s license by the time he finished 12th grade. He did manage to rack up a few dozen hours of flight time though.

His love for writing started on Star Wars forums as a kid, which graduated to full blown novel-writing when he started college. His first job was as a dishwasher in a Greek restaurant at twelve years old, and he eventually found his way working in a Barnes & Noble once his love for writing took over his life. He now works at a company that writes software for nonprofit organizations.

In his off-time, he lifts weights, loses at video games, and terrorizes his cats. He currently lives in Saratoga Springs, Utah, with his wife.

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    The Rift Walker
    Flames of Mira (#1)
    Clay Harmon