Emily Rath

Emily Rath was raised in Northern Kentucky. A life-long lover of words, she’s been writing for as long as she could hold a pencil. Her earliest stories were about daring egg burglars, majestic horse lords, and seafaring adventurers. She put story-writing on hold for a few years…quite a few years…as she pursued higher education. She chose to focus on her other soul mate: international politics. This lover showed her the world outside of books.

Now, she holds a BA in political science and philosophy and a PhD in peace studies and political science. She specializes in African politics and credits her time living in Malawi for reigniting her love of writing. She’s currently a university professor and lives in Florida.

You can visit her website at emilyrathbooks.com, follow her on Instagram @EmilyRathBooks, or on TikTok at @EmilyRathBooks.


    Second Sons
    His Grace, The Duke (Second Sons #2)
    Emily Rath
  • Second Sons
    Beautiful Things (Second Sons #1)
    Emily Rath