Eric Lowe

Eric Lowe took the long way to historical European martial arts. He grew up playing war games with his father, and spent his high school years wondering just how accurate was the depiction of medieval combat in tabletop roleplaying games (spoiler alert: not very). He further indulged his passion for premodern weaponry and warfare by studying classics at Stanford University, followed by a detour into Stanford Law School.

After graduating law school in 2007, Eric spent the next ten years working for global law firms. His law career took him to New York City, where he got his first taste of historical European martial arts with the New York Historical Fencing Association (NYHFA). In 2014 he moved to Charlotte, North Carolina with his wife and daughter, where he founded Swordwind, the Charlotte branch of NYHFA. He continues to teach, fence, and compete at Swordwind and at HEMA events across the East Coast.

In addition to fencing, Eric has a passion for vintage social dances from 1840 through 1980, musical theater, and Star Wars. He never stopped playing games, and hopes he never will.


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    The Use of Medieval Weaponry
    Eric Lowe



The Use of Medieval Weaponry
“A great bird's-eye view of trends in how people fought in the Medieval and early Modern periods...If you're looking for an introduction to the subject of Medieval martial arts, Eric Lowe has you covered.”

Michael Chidester, Wiktenauer Director 

“A whirlwind tour of several centuries of martial arts, supplemented with some very entertaining thoughts and speculations on how these weapons would fare when pitted against each other.”

Christian Henry Tobler, author of Fighting with the German Longsword

“A wonderful introduction to some of the most popular European weapons of the Medieval and Renaissance periods.”

Keith Cotter-Reilly, Head Instructor, Atlanta Historical Fencing Academy

“[Lowe] successfully juggles the real-world fighting guidance of over a dozen historical masters with the kind of joy that all modern swordspeople experience.”

Jake Norwood, founding member of the HEMA Alliance

“A perfect read for those new to our peculiar hobby or anyone seeking to conjure up the dusty battlefields and bloody streets of yore.”

Stephen Fratus, author of With Malice & Cunning: Anonymous 16th Century Manuscript on Bolognese Swordsmanship

“Eric brings his joy and love of the Art to the page.”

Jessica Finley, author of Medieval Wrestling: Modern Practice of a Fifteenth Century Art