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Fantastic Books / Gray Rabbit Publications is a trusted Book Publisher with an impressive list of talented authors. While they started out as a reprint house — bringing back into print authors’ out-of-print back-lists — they now focus more on original titles. They publish in both print and digital formats, and expect to soon add audio books to their mix.

They especially pride themselves on the strong relationships they have with both their authors and their readers. You can find Fantastic Books on their website or join their Facebook group.


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    Jewish Futures
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Jewish Futures
Burstein brings together 16 appealing stories extrapolating Jewish themes into near- and far-future settings.… These stories open diverse and challenging vistas for sci-fi fans—Jewish and gentile alike.

Publishers Weekly

"Best work of fiction I’ve recently read: I’ve been working my way through a new anthology of science-fiction short stories called Jewish Futures. It comes out next month, but I backed the project on Kickstarter, so I got an advance copy. I can’t wait for other people to be able to read it..."

The Atlantic Daily