J.D. Netto

J.D. Netto is a multi-faceted bestselling author. His first fantasy series, The Whispers of the Fallen, became an underground phenomenon when first published. He’s also the founder of Saved by the Page, a movement that invites readers to share stories on how books saved their lives. A few of these heroic tales were compiled into an anthology, published in 2018. He’s also known for Henderbell: The Shadow of Saint Nicholas—a speculative fiction novel that follows the cursed bloodline of Father Christmas. His latest work, The Broken Miracle: Part One, is a fictional biography inspired by the life of acclaimed pianist Paul Cardall and his journey living with half a heart. The novel also spawned an album featuring Paul himself alongside David Archuleta, Thompson Square, Tyler Glenn, among others.

Find J.D. Netto on his website at www.jdnetto.com or Instagram at www.instagram.com/jdnetto.


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