Jason Denzel

Jason Denzel is the author of the Mystic Trilogy, a filmmaker, and the founder of Dragonmount.com, the leading online community for Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time saga.

In his free time, Jason studies Choy-Li-Fut Kung-Fu as part of the Plum Blossom Federation. He lives in Northern California with his two young boys, and owns a lot of swords and collectible fantasy artwork.

Find Jason on his website, or follow him on Twitter @jasondenzel.


  • Mystic Trilogy
    Mystic (#1)
    Jason Denzel
  • Mystic Trilogy
    Mystic Dragon (#2)
    Jason Denzel
  • Mystic Trilogy
    Mystic Skies (#3)
    Jason Denzel


Mystic Trilogy

Mystic (#1)
“The bildungsroman plot is familiar, but Denzel’s strong worldbuilding and descriptions help to flesh it out, and Pomella’s manipulation of the Myst through song gives the story a poetic feel. This fantasy adventure is clearly inspired by the classics but still finds something new to say.”

Publishers Weekly

"MYSTIC is a wonderful tale that takes the reader into a world imaginable, realistic, and fantastic at the same time."

Portland Book Review

“I enjoyed sharing the adventures with Pomella, and the twists and turns in the plot kept this reader on her toes [...] Pomella has spunk and courage, and sweet Sim is loyal to a fault. It’s hard not to fall into this story.”

RT Book Reviews

“It’s the sort of fantasy that should appeal to new readers, with just enough interesting twists, particularly at the very end, that make this promising first novel well worth checking out for regular fantasy readers as well.“


“One of the most charming fantasy debuts I’ve read this year [...] If you’re looking for compelling characters and a gorgeously crafted fantasy world, then MYSTIC will definitely appeal..”


“I was quite impressed with the story [...] MYSTIC by Jason Denzel is sure to be a hit with a wide variety of readers, young and old, for its imaginative scope and loving attention to its characters. Denzel weaves a quick and beautiful story that holds you tight until you turn the last page – with a fantastic final revelation that really makes you smile.”

Fantasy Book Review

“Mystic is a book to immerse yourself in, in a way that makes you feel you can join the adventure as it unfolds on the page [...] Overall, I found Mystic to be highly enjoyable and engaging and am eager for the next in the series.”

The Speculative Herald

” I read through it in two sittings because it flowed so well [...] A good blend of familiar and new. 5/5″


“The plot is interesting, and the ending is quite exciting. I really enjoyed how things panned out.”

Sci-Fi Fan Letter

“MYSTIC is light, quick, and well done, and I know my kids will enjoy it. I’m proud to have it on my shelf.”

Chez Lannis

Mystic Dragon (#2)
"I’m generally a fan of multiple POVs and non-linear storylines so long as transitions are handled smoothly, and Jason Denzel has truly made this book a perfect point to jump on board.timelines converge at a good time, and the flashbacks enhance both characterization (explaining why Shevia and Sim are the people they are) and plotting (increasing the suspense thanks to cutting to a different time period at pivotal moments)."

Fantasy Literature, 3/5 stars

"The first six chapters of MYSTIC DRAGON are some of the best opening chapters in any fantasy book I have read to date, including all the greats...I have good news: Jason finishes this one almost as well as he did the first volume. The guy knows how to wrap up a story both satisfyingly and with excitement, much like his late mentor and friend, RJ."

Elitist Book Reviews

“MYSTIC DRAGON follows Mystic as the second in Jason Denzel’s fantasy trilogy. As this episode opens, lowborn Pomella AnDone has been a Mystic’s apprentice for seven years, since the events in Mystic.”

Book Loons

"Jason Denzel has truly made this book a perfect point to jump on board..."

Bibliosanctum, 3.5/5 stars

Mystic Skies (#3)
"Those that loved the first two novels will not be let down by this epic finale."

Publisher's Weekly

"Mystic Skies is a rich ending to a multi-generational saga, lingering on the hopes and regrets of those who are striving to make things right. In this final installment, Denzel brings the trilogy to a sweeping, emotional finish that will be sure to delight and entrance fans."

Andrea Stewart, author of The Drowning Empire series

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