Maurice Broaddus

A community organizer and teacher, his work has appeared in places like Lightspeed Magazine, Black Panther: Tales from Wakanda, Weird Tales, Magazine of F&SF, and Uncanny Magazine, with some of his stories having been collected in The Voices of Martyrs. His books include the sci-fi novel Sweep of Stars; the steampunk works, Buffalo Soldier and Pimp My Airship; and the middle grade detective novels, The Usual Suspects and Unfadeable. His project, Sorcerers, is being adapted as a television show for AMC. He’s an editor at Apex Magazine. Learn more at


  • The Knights of Breton Court
    The Knights of Breton Court
    Maurice Broaddus
  • Canopus Award 2023 Finalist

    Astra Black
    Sweep of Stars (#1)
    Maurice Broaddus
  • Standalone
    Maurice Broaddus
  • Standalone
    The Usual Suspects
    Maurice Broaddus


The Knights of Breton Court

The Knights of Breton Court
"New readers will find it easy to break into the series with this engaging tale of urban renewal and vigilante justice."

Publishers Weekly

"Maurice Broaddus has created a masterpiece of original, compelling, and thought-provoking drama, irresistible and unforgettable."

SF Book Reviews, King Maker

"King's Justice performs the impossible feat of improving on its predecessor. It's simply an incredible work of compelling fiction and the closest most of us will ever get (if we are lucky) to living in a getto. Pure genius."

SF Book Reviews, King's Justice

"A cunningly wrought retelling of the Arthurian myth set amongst the street gangs of Indianapolis."

SF Book Reviews, King's War

"This is an excellent debut, but it is an origin novel and its strength lies in strong characters and the road ahead."

Postcards From a Dying World

"[V]ery interesting use of fae and otherworldly creatures in the most unusual of modern settings. Once Broaddus does get things moving King Maker gets very good, richly thematic and enticingly original."

Michele Lee

"I have to give props to Broaddus for his creativity. This is no simple retelling of the Arthur legend with new names pasted in, this is a genuine and compelling story in its own right. Characters are complicated and have their own motivations and goals. None of them simply go through the motions dictated by the legend… King Maker is one of the best modern fantasies I’ve read in ages."

Nicholas Kaufmann’s Journal

"Maurice Broaddus has an uncanny ability to capture the flavor of the streets. This is a wild, imaginative journey grounded in a gritty reality so compelling that you’ll swear these characters must live in your own city. Put this on your must-read list!"

Brandon Massey, award-winning author of Cornered and Don’t Ever Tell

"Deft characterization, authentic dialogue, exciting plot. Add a highly original premise: The Arthurian Legend magically springing up in the ‘hood, including the return of the King, Merlin, the Knights of the Round Table, and even a dab of chivalry. Maurice Broaddus has definitely brought his A-game to this urban joust."

Gene O’Neill, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of Taste of Tenderloin

"Broaddus delivers in a voice that both whispers and roars and cannot be ignored."

Gary A. Braunbeck, multiple Bram Stoker Award-winning author of Mr. Hands

"King Maker is a fascinating novel, a true urban fantasy in the literal definition of the term, and with assured prose and strong characters, should be on every SF fan’s shelf."

Adam Christopher

"KING MAKER’s strength is its ability to stay true-to-life even when the fantasy components come into play; the reader has enough time to get invested in the urban drama yet won’t find anything goofy when dragons, cannibals, and mystics are hinted at and eventually encountered."

Antibacterial Pope

Astra Black

Sweep of Stars (#1)
“A hugely ambitious and notable work of postcolonial science fiction. This takes the genre in an exciting and challenging direction.”

Publishers Weekly, Starred Review!

"The first of this Afrofuturist trilogy takes off with an epic array of characters and plotlines that will enmesh readers in the politics and power struggles set across the stars."

Library Journal, Starred Review!

"With plenty of fascinating characters faced with steering their empire through threats internal and external, Sweep of Stars will leave readers eager for the next entry in this series."

Shelf Awareness, Starred Review!

"Richly detailed and intricately plotted, with descriptions of advanced biotechnology, a close investigation into African diasporic culture, and complicated lead characters, Broaddus' first novel in the Astra Black series will draw in readers of epic science fiction."


"Sweep of Stars is the masterly work of a mature and serious novelist with high literary and political intentions."


"The beginning of a trilogy, Sweep of Stars is an engrossing read filled with culture, spiritualism, and adventure."

Apex Magazine

"A fast-paced, action-filled plot unfolds, with plenty of challenges and characters to root for. This first book reaches a satisfactory stopping point, leading the reader to entertain possibilities as to what may lie in store in the next installment of the trilogy."

Fantasy & Science Fiction Magazine

“Maurice Broaddus’s Sweep of Stars marks the opening gambit in a great saga, told with a unique voice and a talent that challenges and rewards in equal measures. It’s epic in scope, yet intimate. It breaks the mold of what’s expected, yet is as welcoming as a warm campfire on the darkest night. Let this debut of a new series sweep you away.”

James Rollins, #1 New York Times bestseller of The Starless Crown

“An intelligent political space opera tackling big themes through intimate points of view. This sprawling tale of kinship, community, and identity is sure to leave you eager for the next installment.”

J. S. Dewes, author of The Last Watch

“A fascinating utopia-building saga that balances exuberant optimism with a sharp eye to harsher reality.”

Everina Maxwell, author of Winter's Orbit

"The Astra Black series promises to clear a wide field for dreaming and action that can be truly transformative. Sweep of Stars is the brilliant beginning of a major series."

SciFi Mind


"This heart-wrenching story of friendship, family, and belonging is a perfect read for the middle-grader looking for action and attitude with a considerable dose of do-good."

Booklist, STARRED review!

"Readers will immediately root for [Bella] throughout this well-paced story that addresses the impact of gentrification and the power of young voices. The clear narration sends readers a strong message about civic responsibility and how they’re never too young to get involved in decision-making that affects their communities."

Kirkus, STARRED review!

"Broaddus has created an unforgettable protagonist in this novel that deals with creating community and fighting back against injustice[...] A must-buy for elementary and middle school collections. Sure to be popular with readers who enjoy books by Kelly Yang, Jason Reynolds, and Chrystal D. Giles."

School Library Journal, STARRED review!

"A testament to personal empowerment, community, and art. Broaddus delivers an optimistic story that champions community engagement and encourages standing up against oppressive systems."

Publishers Weekly, STARRED review!

"[A] thought-provoking story about the power, resilience, strength, and determination of young people, and how adults underestimate these rising voices."

Indiana Authors Awards

"Through Bella’s experiences, readers might learn how they, too, can speak truth to power"

The Spokesman-Review

The Usual Suspects
“Readers will love watching these two uniquely gifted black boys explore the complicated tensions between impulses and choices, independence and support, turnin’ up and getting through.”

Kirkus, STARRED review!

“A rare and much-needed glimpse into the world of exceptional learners.”

School Library Journal

"I want this book, so full of wit and intelligence, raw honesty and clever plotting, to be so well known that when I say “The Usual Suspects” to a room of librarians, their first thoughts involve neither Casablanca or Keyser Soze but this work by Maurice Broaddus."

School Library Journal, Review of the Day!

“[Broaddus] sheds revealing light on the nature of systemic profiling, based on class, race, and neurodiversity, at schools and within society.”

Publishers Weekly

"Through its discerning, young Black protagonist, [The Usual Suspects] tackles difficult subjects with nuance, humor, and heart, always bringing it back to the characters. A great choice for upper middle-graders in search of a fun and meaningful read."