MV Melcer

Born in Poland in time to see the iron curtain go down, Mel has since lived in the US, the Netherlands, Belgium, and for the past ten years in the UK. She studied English literature in Poland and in the USA. A storyteller at heart, she wrote her first “book” at the age of eight. It was supposed to be the first one in a series – alas, the sequels never happened.

When she returned to writing, Mel tried her hand at screenplays and filmmaking. She directed several several short films, which screened at several festivals and brought nominations and awards.

However, the creative freedom of writing fiction proved too tempting. After close to a decade spent working in film, Mel returned to her roots, working on science fiction novels and short stories.

And because one should never stop learning, she is now also pursuing a second degree in Astronomy and Planetary Sciences through Open University.

You can visit her at her website here.


    Refractions (#1)
    MV Melcer



Refractions (#1)
"REFRACTIONS surprises you. The tautly plotted mystery evolves and deepens into an examination of the best and worst human behavior and impulses. Melcer's characters are complex and messy; her setting --a dying Earth, the nations that emerge from climate collapse-- feels all too real. And somehow, in the end, though there are no easy answers...there's hope. Recommended!"

K. Eason, author of Nightwatch Over Windscar and the Thorne Chronicles

"REFRACTIONS is a page-turning mystery that drills straight down to the human heart of a crisis, and which turns an unflinching eye toward those who engineer and profit from such situations. Melcer's complex, dynamic cast of characters move together through a direly realistic future: there's hope to be had, as long as someone's willing to pay its cost."

Aimee Ogden, author of Emergent Properties

"I'm a huge fan of science fiction that feels real enough to happen tomorrow and Melcer has accomplished that in this book. The character's pasts, families and personalities drive tense interactions that are all too familiar and believable. Politics and strife at home create constant irritation for an international crew on a high stakes mission to save thousands and possibly all of humanity. All that action, tension and discovery culminates with an unexpected, yet perfect ending. A truly and enjoyable and satisfying read."

William Ledbetter, author of Level Five, Nebula Winner

"REFRACTIONS by MV Melcer catapults readers through an epic space adventure marked by shifting loyalties, a fight against exploitative capitalism, and testing the limits of humanity. This story is both majestic in scope and introspective in tone, as the diverse cast of characters careen through a sweeping space adventure."

TJ Berry, author of Space Unicorn Blues