Tyffany D. Neiheiser

Tyffany writes speculative YA thrillers and short stories. She is passionate about mental health and self-acceptance, so those themes tend to find their way into her stories.

She has a Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling, and she has worked as a counselor for people with both mental health and substance abuse challenges. She has also spent three fantastic years as a crisis counselor helping people struggling with suicidal or homicidal ideation. Her internship was with a hospice, providing grief counseling to people who were dying and people who experienced a loss. These experiences have shaped her stories.

Her favorite things in life are her dogs, her cats, reading, writing, and hiking.  

Find Tyffany on her website, or follow her on Twitter @Writer_Tyffany.


    Not Dead Enough
    Tyffany D. Neiheiser