Jon Sprunk Joins JABberwocky’s eBook Program!


Blood and Iron by Jon SprunkWe’re super excited to announce that the first two books Jon Sprunk’s the Book of the Black Earth series are now available as eBooks worldwide. BLOOD AND IRON and STORM AND STEEL are published by Pyr in the US and Canada, and are now available to international readers through the JABberwocky eBook program, featuring appropriately epic cover art to match Sprunk’s epic fantasy.

BLOOD AND IRON tells the story of Horace, a shipwrecked soldier who finds himself in an alien and threatening land. Enslaved by his enemies, Horace soon finds that he possesses zoana, a gift which will earn him a place in the royal court and a position within the revolution that is churning beneath the surface. Buzzfeed called BLOOD AND IRON sprunk_stormsteel_final“one part Shogun and four parts amazing,” while Kirkus called it, “Sheer fun, with engaging, pulse-quickening action, sympathetic characters and intricate intrigue.”

In STORM AND STEEL, the kingdom stands at the brink of war. As Horace has ascended from slave to First Sword and confidant of the queen. He must now harness his power as a sorcerer while navigating complex political intrigue in a foreign land. Meanwhile, a growing slave rebellion is threatening to tear the kingdom apart and Horace must choose between his opposition to human bondage and his newfound duty as the protector of the realm. SF Revu called STORM AND STEEL a book for “a fan of Roger Zelazny, George R.R. Martin, or anyone who likes the mystery of magic mixed with intrigue.”

Pick them up now at your e-tailer of choice!