Jonathan Carroll Re-Releases This Summer!


Collage of six covers of Jonathan Carroll titles (clockwise): The Land of Laughs, Bones of the Moon, The Ghost in Love, Bathing the Lion, Teaching the Dog to Read, The Crow's Dinner

JABberwocky, in partnership with Zeno Agency Ltd, is thrilled to announce that this summer, we will be re-issuing six titles by the Pushcart Prize, World Fantasy, British Fantasy, Bram Stoker Award-winning author Jonathan Carroll! These will be the first releases in a planned roll-out to make the author’s extensive backlist available to readers in its entirety.

Titles include Carroll’s renowned debut, The Land of Laughs in both ebook and print, along with five other titles in ebook, from his much cherished, award-winning catalog: the novels Bones of the Moon, The Ghost in Love, and Bathing the Lion; the novella Teaching the Dog to Read; and the non-fiction collection The Crow’s Dinner. They will all be published this summer, with select print editions to follow.

Jonathan Carroll is the author of more than twenty novels and numerous short stories and novellas. His works have been published in over thirty languages. He is beloved by fellow authors, with Stephen King deeming him “as scary as Hitchcock” and Neil Gaiman counting Carroll as one of his favorite living writers.

The Land of Laughs was first published in 1980. It follows a self-involved writer and a naïve puppeteer on their journey to the small town their favorite author, Marshall France, called home. Their quest to co-write a biography of France is quickly derailed by the sheer oddness of the town—and its striking resemblance to the worlds the author created.

The Land of Laughs is a deft combination of fantasy, speculative fiction, and magical realism, with a few talking dogs thrown in for good measure. It rightfully launched Carroll’s career, establishing him as a singular voice in genre fiction. The ebook edition is now available for pre-order with a release date of Tuesday, July 16. Order it here!

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“Jonathan Carroll’s storytelling is a magical dance of imagination and emotion, leaving readers spellbound with every word.” —The New York Times

“With each novel, Jonathan Carroll defies expectations and pushes the boundaries of genre, reminding us of the power of storytelling to surprise, challenge, and move us.” —Library Journal

“Carroll’s novels are a masterclass in blending the ordinary with the extraordinary, delivering tales that are both hauntingly surreal and deeply human.” —The Guardian

“Carroll’s prose is a symphony of vivid imagery and elegant language, painting landscapes that are as beautiful as they are unsettling.” —Publishers Weekly

“Reading Jonathan Carroll, one thinks of a blind person stroking a drugged tiger—an experience that is sensuous, dreamy, and dangerous all at once. And then, of course, the tiger wakes up.” —novelist and screenwriter Bruce Wagner

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