Mayer Alan Brenner’s featured Dance of Gods Series


Brenner Featured eBook Widget Tiny“For those who like their fantasy with plenty of adventure and a dollop of humor, I recommend The Dance of Gods… non-stop action, highly entertaining … an intriguing and delightfully funny series.” 

At the intersection between Glen Cook, Terry Pratchett, and Charles Stross, the four volumes of Mayer Alan Brenner’s Dance of Gods series follow a sprawling cast of raffish adventurers and ne’er-do-well gods, half of them too smart for their own good and all of them submerged eyebrow-deep in increasingly wild plots, through a world where computers and technology are long-gone and power-mad potentates do their best to ruin everyone’s lives. Maximillian the Vaguely Disreputable struggles to lead his fractious band of friends through a landscape of unstable spells and unconstrained sorcery in a series that has finally found its audience in the age of e-books.

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