MIDNIGHT CROSSROAD is a New York Times Bestseller!



We’re excited to announce that Charlaine Harris’s newest novel, MIDNIGHT CROSSROAD, debuts at #12 on the New York Times hardcover bestsellers list! It is also #19 for the ebook list, and #17 for the combined fiction list. In addition to the New York Times, MIDNIGHT CROSSROAD is also #12 on the Barnes and Noble fiction bestsellers list!

MIDNIGHT CROSSROAD is the first installment in Charlaine’s new Midnight, Texas trilogy, which Romantic Times has called “an unusual and highly entertaining new series.” Charlaine has taken popular characters from her Lily Bard and Harper Connelly series and combined them with an all new setting and new characters. The book has already sold in the UK, Spain, France, and Turkey prior to its release! With over 32 million copies of her work sold in more than 35 territories, we expect MIDNIGHT CROSSROAD will be the latest addition to Charlaine’s global success.