Moon’s Paks Books Hit New NY Times High


Echoes of Betrayal (reviews/buy) by Elizabeth Moon, the newest novel in the Paladin’s Legacy series which continues the story of Moon’s enduring fantasy classic The Deed of Paksenarrion, hit #22 on the NY Times Hardcover Bestseller List, for launch week sales thru February 25.  This is the highest-ever NY Times placement for a Paks book, comfortably beating last year’s Kings of the North (#29), and it reflects strong sales growth in the series.  Even with the move to e-books and the loss of hundreds of Borders since Kings of the North came out, hardcover sales were up by almost 10%.  We’re also very close to Elizabeth’s highest ever Times ranking, #19 for Victory Conditions, which was the final Vatta’s War novel.  Fingers crossed we’ll top that as the Paladin’s Legacy series continues!  We’re extra super happy since Elizabeth’s been part of the family for almost the entire 26 years Joshua’s been an agent.