MY BEST FRIEND’S EXORCISM is Now Streaming on Prime Video


As we head into the throes of spooky season, we’ve got a frightfully fun film to add to our watch list: MY BEST FRIEND’S EXORCISM is now available to watch on Prime Video!

Adapted from Grady Hendrix‘s hugely popular 2016 novel, MY BEST FRIEND’S EXORCISM takes place in 1988 and follows high school sophomores Abby and Gretchen, who have been best friends for as long as they can remember. But after a night at a friend’s cabin goes horribly wrong, Gretchen is irrevocably changed. Even worse, she begins to embarrass and endanger everyone around her, including Abby. Abby knows that something is deeply, horribly wrong with her BFF. But is the power of friendship enough to fight the devil?

The official trailer for MY BEST FRIEND’S EXORCISM, starring Elsie Fisher and Amiah Miller

Reviewers have been sharing their love for the film, with many a reference to John Hughes:

The Independent writes that the film is “a devilishly smart and self-aware take on the current trend for Eighties horror homage, lovingly adapted from Grady Hendrix’s 2016 novel of the same name. Particular praise is given to Elsie Fisher as Abby, noting that she “carefully moulds Abby as both an extension of the John Hughes protagonist and a deconstruction of it.”

The Guardian also applauds the film as it “pays almost pitch-perfect homage to the high-school and scary movies that dominated the 1980s…. Adapted from Grady Hendrix’s novel about teenage friendship and loyalty tested by demonic possession, it is superfun with a couple of comedy performances that nail it.”

Both the A.V. Club and Gizmodo particularly laud the cast for their notable performances; Gizmodo writes “My Best Friend’s Exorcism has a gifted cast; Fisher and Miller believably convey the joys and agonies that can erupt amid friendships between teen girls.”

Collider ranks the movie as an A, concluding that “This movie has a lot more heart than most horror films have (and I’m not talking about the bloody, removed kind) but it doesn’t forget to pack in some scares.”

Book vs. movie at a screening of MY BEST FRIEND’S EXORCISM (photo by Valentina Sainato)

By the power of Grady Hendrix, we compel you! MY BEST FRIEND’S EXORCISM is streaming now on Prime Video! And if you can’t get enough, you can find the book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Bookshop, Kobo, Libro FM, and at your favorite local bookstore.