Brandon Sanderson’s Oathbringer – Another #1 NY Times Bestseller


Over 300,000 people purchased Brandon Sanderson’s OATHBRINGER in its global English-language launch week.  The most preordered book in Audible history (Audible’s Most Wanted 2017) had a phenomenal debut across formats, hitting #1 on the NY Times Hardcover Fiction list, #1 on the Audible list, #2 on the NY Times combined print/ebook bestseller list, #6 on the Sunday Times of London hardcover list in the UK, and more bestseller lists across the globe. This is shaping up to be Brandon’s biggest book yet!

Both prior books in the Stormlight Archive series, THE WAY OF KINGS and WORDS OF RADIANCE, also hit the NY Times list, Words of Radiance also at #1.  OATHBRINGER blew past both of them, with first week sales almost doubling for the hardcover.

Our heartiest congratulations to Brandon Sanderson on this major achievement — not just within the fantasy genre but amongst the entire spectrum of the fiction universe.