On the Case with Ellery Queen


As of this April, Jabberwocky now has the privilege  of representing the complete works of Ellery Queen, the mystery writer and American detective extraordinaire.

Ellery Queen is the creation and nom de plume of mystery writers Frederic Dannay and Manfred B. Lee. Writing for over 40 years, the character of Ellery Queen became one of the most famous of America’s fictional detectives with more than 80 novels, collections, and short stories detailing his exploits. You can find a complete list of the authors’s works here.

Ellery Queen lent his name to the popular American monthly magazine, Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine. Launched in 1941, EQMM continues to publish high quality mystery and crime stories to this day.  In 1975-1976, NBC aired 22 episodes of the Ellery Queen television series that starred Jim Hutton as the famous detective.

All of us at Jabberwocky are excited to now be managing the interests of the authors’s estates, especially Joshua who originally worked with the Ellery Queen materials during in his earliest years at the Scott Meredith Literary Agency.