Our eBook Program is Growing! Part 2


The JABberwocky eBook Program has grown by leaps and bounds over the last year! Between now and December 24th, we’ll be featuring some of the new content, just in time for your last-minute Christmas shopping.
For today’s installment, we have a number of fantasy books for you magic-wielding fans.

1. Zeno Agency client Sarah Ash joins us with three novels: Songspinner, The Lost Child, and Moths to a Flame. Her other novels include The Tears of Artamon trilogy, TRACING THE SHADOW, and FLIGHT INTO DARKNESS.

2. Julie Dean Smith’s high fantasy series, A Caithan Crusade beginning with CALL OF MADNESS, is available in its 4-book entirety.

3. We’re also excited to include another Zeno Agency client, Ian McDonald, with his well-received science fiction novels CHAGA and KIRINYA. CHAGA was published in the United States as EVOLUTION’S SHORE. Keep an out as we add more novels by McDonald in 2014!

4. On a more light-hearted note, John Zakour’s clever and zany BAXTER MOON: GALACTIC SCOUT takes readers on a romp around the galaxy, saving princesses and defeating evil technological aliens.


Click here to see all of the ebooks we have available! We’re sure to have something up your alley.