PW is rather excited for A NATURAL HISTORY OF DRAGONS


Marie Brennan‘s A NATURAL HISTORY OF DRAGONS has popped up as one of three science fiction and fantasy titles on Publishers Weekly‘s “Most Anticipated Books of Spring 2013” list. Here’s what PW has to say:

This book has been getting a ton of anticipatory attention, and rightly so. This memoir of a Victorian lady’s adventures as a naturalist studying mythical beasts hits all the sweet spots: plausible alternate history, proto-feminism that’s true to the setting, and that elusive sense of wonder that keeps SF/F fans coming back for more. Plus it’s gorgeously illustrated.

We can’t wait, either! Any book that calls “Downton Abbey, But with Dragons” sounds good to us, and when the author is as talented as Brennan, so much the better. Look for A NATURAL HISTORY OF DRAGONS in stores on February 5th, or pre-order it here.