Rivers Of London TV Series Assembles Writers


The bestselling Rivers of London series by Ben Aaronovitch is getting an exciting new TV adaptation, and today Broadcast reports that the 6-person writing team is being assembled, with an eye towards diversity in experience and background. 

John Jackson, who previously wrote for hit TV series Being Human and The Gentleman, is the lead writer on the team. According to Broadcast: 

As lead writer, Jackson is spearheading a US-style writers’ room for Rivers of London, with a range of experienced and up-and- coming writers, a central tenet for Winchester’s vision for Pure Fiction, which he said aims to create a safe space to nurture writers and creatives who have distinct and authentic voices.

Jackson will be joined by Kara Smith, who wrote for Netflix original Lockwood & Co, Tolula Dada, who worked on Paramount+ original No Escape, playwright and screenwriter Robin French, I May Destroy You actor Tobi King Bakare, and Joshua St. Johnston, known for PBS’s Grantchester. And Ben himself, who previously wrote for Doctor Who, is contributing to the production as executive producer, bringing his writing talent back to the screen.

Left to right: Tolula Dada, Caroline Buckley, John Jackson, Kara Smith (center front), Tobi King Bakare (center back), Ben Aaaronovitch, Musanna Ahmed, Robiin French, Joshua St Johnston.

This TV adaptation is based on the sweeping urban fantasy universe from Ben Aaronovitch’s nine-book series of the same name. The first book, titled RIVERS OF LONDON and first published in 2012, follows constable Peter Grant when he finds himself apprenticed to the last wizard in London and his job shifts from patrolling crime scenes to dealing with nests of vampires and digging up graves. It has followed Peter Grant’s adventures in an additional eight books, a short story collection, and 4 novellas, along with a graphic novel adaptation. 

We can’t wait to see more updates as the show continues development. Congratulations Ben!