SF Medical Thriller by William C. Dietz


Ejecta by William C. DietzDietz’s “… portrayal of ordinary people fighting for their lives and freedom is a touching tribute to the human spirit, demonstratin g that life goes on and love doesn’t die.” —Romantic Times

William C. Dietz is a former marine corps officer turned fiction writer. His vast collection of over 40 novels, including a large array of military science fiction novels, has earned him immense respect in the genre.

Scientists spent decades scanning the universe for signs of alien life, but they should have been searching closer to home…the invasion has already begun.

When Professor Paul Mackracken takes his own life at the discovery that he has been infected by an alien parasite, he leaves his former student, parasitologist Dr. Sara Devlin, with more questions than answers. What is this parasite doing to people? Where did it come from? How long have they been here–or, more importantly, how long has the government known that they’re here?  The more questions are answered, the deeper the spiraling mystery becomes. In Ejecta, Dietz creates a world of uncertainty and believable fear that you definitely won’t want to miss.

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