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Blood and HonorGood news, everyone! The eBook editions of BLOOD AND HONOR and DOWN AMONG THE DEAD MEN from Simon R. Green’s Forest Kingdom series are on sale until March 31, 2016, for $2.99. The Forest Kingdom books are full of wit and charm, with quirky characters and plenty of humor.

In BLOOD AND HONOR, The Great Jordan’s purse is nearly empty when three men approach him in an alley and offer him the role of a lifetime—ten thousand ducats if the actor will impersonate the son of the late King Malcolm, whose untimely death has caused some to whisper of poisoning. A bit of magic makes Jordan look like royalty, but playing a prince is risky business…

In DOWN AMONG THE DEAD MEN, deep in the Darkwood, on the border between two Down Among the Dead Menlong-feuding territories, a fort has been erected to keep the peace. But a month ago, the soldiers inside stopped speaking to the outside world. Led by the adventure-hungry warrior Duncan MacNeil, a party of Rangers is sent to investigate and discovers a massacre. Beneath this newly built fort is an ancient evil, a power older than the Kingdom itself, about to trap them in the dark.

Fans of epic fantasy and sword and sorcery stories shouldn’t miss the Forest Kingdom series!

March 11: BLOOD AND HONOR is on sale today for $1.99!

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