¡Special Kindle Gold Box promo for LIBRIOMANCER!


LibriomancerFor today and today only, Jim Hines’s critically-acclaimed LIBRIOMANCER will be only sale in a Kindle Gold Box promotion for just $1.99! Cancel any other plans you made for today and click here to pick up your copy of the book that Wired Magazine called “a love letter to science fiction and fantasy” and that RT Books said “will have book geeks squeeing with delight!”

LIBRIOMANCER is just the first title in Jim’s four-book Magic Ex Libris series and would make the perfect companion for a day at the beach!

Update:  We hope you enjoyed the chance to pick up your $1.99 copy of Jim’s book but, sadly, the promotion was one day only. Check back here to learn of any other promotions for our clients’ work and don’t forget to grab a copy of CODEX BORN.