Summer’s Google “Play”-list


Like most ebook stores, the Google Play store has a variety of categories and features to help readers discover new and exciting ebooks in their favorite genres. One feature Google Play runs regularly to help readers discover new books and authors is their “Start a New Series” promotion, which conveniently features the first title in a variety of series. We’re thrilled to note that four of our JABberwocky ebooks are featured there!
Where Are They Now? / Tilda Harper

CURSE OF THE KISSING COUSINS by Agatha Award-winner Toni L. P. Kelner (author of the Laura Fleming mysteries, and the Family Skeleton mysteries writing as Leigh Perry) is the dazzling first novel in the Where Are They Now? mystery series featuring Boston-based savvy celebrity reporter and sleuth, Tilda Harper. When several former sitcom stars die under suspicious circumstances, Tilda must figure out who’s to blame before the rest of the cast meets a similar face.
Corruption of Faith

Another mystery featuring an investigative journalist, CORRUPTION OF FAITH by Brenda English is the first novel in the Sutton McPhee mystery series, set in Washington, D.C. Sutton is in a funk, but the devastating news of her sister’s murder kicks her into high gear. When the police can’t give her answers, Sutton’s grief drives her to solve her sister’s murder herself. That decision will take Sutton into a world where religion and power are masks for blackmail, greed, and worse — and Sutton’s own life is on the line.
Gandalara Cycle Book 1

Our third title featured in the Start a New Series promotion is THE STEEL OF RAITHSKAR by Randall Garrett and Vicki Ann Heydron, which kicks off the seven-book Gandalara Cycle. Terminally ill Ricardo Carillo awakens in a strange, unfamiliar desert world, inhabiting a new body and identity with a shadowy past. A Caithan Crusade #1In order to save his newfound life, he must clear the name of the man whose body he now inhabits before his assumed debts get called in — for good.

Our final title featured is CALL OF MADNESS by Julie Dean Smith, a four-book epic fantasy series. Magic has been forbidden in Caithe for 200 years, so when Princess Athaya discovers she’s a natural-born wizard, she’s forced to flee or risk execution. Torn between her loyalty to her kingdom and her duty to help her fellow magic users, Athaya must learn to wield her powers before those who fear it can destroy her.