T Minus 28 Days at the Control Point


There are so many good reviews coming in as we head toward the on-sale for Myke Cole’s debut novel Shadow Ops: Control Point (on sale from Ace on Jan. 31) that tweeting the links doesn’t seem quite sufficient. ┬áHere’s a round-up of some:
Civilian Reader, we had to underline almost the entire review for the quote sheet!
Fantasy Faction calls it a “non-stop thrill ride” among other nice things.
The SciFi Chick, she replaces “non-stop” with “action-packed”!!
Over at Fantasy Book Review, it leads their post on Most Anticipated Books of 2012.
Our client Jim C. Hines is a fan. He especially likes the goblins.
“Lord of the Rings” smashed into “Clear and Present Danger” is the quote from Dead Robots Society.
We know how hard and how long Myke worked on his debut, and we’re looking forward to lots more excitement to report on here as word continues to get out on just how good the one is.
Update Jan. 17 2012 lots more reviews coming in, here’s a “High Recommendation” from Rob H. Bedford at SFF World.
Staffer’s Musings
is saying “an absolute blast to read, I predict Cole’s debut is going to be a monster success.
And how can we not like The Ranting Dragon: “an intense masterwork of military fantasy that grips you from start to finish. Highly recommended.”
Updating Jan. 18 with a Fantasy Book Review link, 9.4/10* and planning to make a book of the month for February!
Updating some more Jan. 24
Fantasy Book Critic is a “superb, can’t wait to see where Cole plans to take the reader next.
Watchamacallit Reviews is similar, “definitely recommend, and can’t wait for the sequel.”
These good reviews didn’t go for naught — update Feb. 6 — we’ve the excellent news that Control Point debuted at #15 on the Barnes & Noble sf/fantasy bestseller list.