The Art of Bookselling



Individual booksellers can make a huge difference, and that point was recently re-made to us at JABberwocky, emphatically so.

!ndigo, Canada’s leading bookstore chain, has a program called the “CEO 100” where a bookseller can choose a book they love, order in 100 copies of it, and if they can sell through that stock in 12 weeks, they get rewarded by the company.

Ross at the Yorkdale store (near Toronto) read E.C. Myers’ FAIR COIN (see reviews) and made it his pick. Eight weeks later, he sold 100 copies out of his store, soaring above the goal!

We always like it when booksellers are empowered, and can work to sell books they love instead of being entirely subverted by planograms, and are very happy to have a JABberwocky author benefit in such a big way.

So, our heartfelt thanks, Ross! E.C. Myers’ QUANTUM COIN (!ndigo | Amazon | B&N), the sequel to FAIR COIN (!ndigo | Amazon | B&N) goes on sale this week.