Mistborn Video Game to Come in 2013


Our biggest news since True Blood!

Now that the press release has gone out and the website has gone live, we’re delighted to finally share the big news: Brandon Sanderson and Little Orbit have teamed up to create a video game set in the world of Sanderson’s NYT bestselling Mistborn novels. The all-new story, penned by Sanderson, will take place hundreds of years before the MISTBORN trilogy, in which Fiddle Fathvell will master Allomancy to protect his family. In addition to writing the storyline, Sanderson will work closely with the brilliant developers at Little Orbit to put Allomancy in the hands of gamers.

The game is due out in 2013 and will be available for the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, the Xbox 360® video game & entertainment system from Microsoft, and for Windows PC and Mac. To learn more, you can follow the game on Twitter or Facebook, and be sure to check out the snazzy new website.

We can’t wait for Sanderson’s next visit to Scadrial. And between now and the game’s release in 2013, there should be plenty of time to check out the original trilogy and Sanderson’s latest Mistborn novella, THE ALLOY OF LAW.

UPDATE: Brandon has written a blog post about the process and his involvement.