THE CORE is a #1 German bestseller!


THE CORE volume 2

UPDATE: As of June 11, 2018, THE CORE part two has been on the Literatur Spiegel bestseller list for nine weeks!

THE CORE by Peter V. Brett is a #1 German bestseller! After publishing on April 10, 2018, it debuted at the #6 spot on Literatur Spiegel and has now reached #1. This is the first #1 German bestseller for JABberwocky. THE CORE volume one spent nine weeks on Literatur Spiegel. Peter is a New York Times and Sunday Times bestseller with over 2.6 million Demon Cycle novels sold worldwide.

Peter begins his book tour in Germany on April 24. You can find dates and locations of his book readings here.

Barren, the new Demon Cycle novella, publishes in September 2018, and Peter’s new trilogy, I Am Olive, was recently announced.