The SandYs of Times


Once upon a time, Sandy used to be the bus you took to get to the Portland airport!

Now it will be the hurricane that made life interesting for JABberwocky for a week, happily not as interesting for us as for some other people, but very interesting nonetheless.  Our office is in an area that didn’t see too much direct impact from the hurricane.  However, our building was closed for two days and is still on limited hours  Eddie and Joshua live in parts of the city that were also spared too much direct impact.  Jessie was a little less lucky, she was on vacation the weekend that Sandy hit, if she had been home she would have lost power for days, and instead, we’re keeping fingers crossed that she’ll be able to fly to New York, pick up her passport, and then head up to join Eddie at this weekend’s World Fantasy Convention outside of Toronto.  Eddie’s going to head up a day later than originally planned, some of our clients who were planning to attend won’t, but it still looks like World Fantasy should be a good event for the JABberwocky family.  EC Myers expects to be there in time for a special event at the bookstore that’s sold more copies of his Fair Coin than anyone else, and Brandon Sanderson should be there for the official launch of his award-caliber novella The Emperor’s Soul, (Joshua thinks it’s Brandon’s best short fiction to date) and Tanya Huff will be a Special Guest.  With several other of our clients also in attendance.  Because Sandy played havoc with the NYC subways, Brady will have to experiment with some extra-long commutes to get to the office, and we hope not for too long.   We all worked from home as best we could, I think we’ll all be excited for next week when, fingers crossed, we’ll all take our usual commutes to all be together in the office.  We’d like to think everyone who checked in with us during and after the storm.