Tor Acquires Two More Mistborn Novels!


Brandon Sanderson fans can rejoice: Tor has announced a two-book, seven-figure deal for two more Wax & Wayne Mistborn books!

These books will function as sequels to THE ALLOY OF LAW, which takes place in the same world but 300 years after the original trilogy. The second book, currently titled Shadows of Self, is tentatively set for release in the fall of 2014, with the third novel in the Wax & Wayne series following one year later. Fans know that the Mistborn series was conceived as a trilogy of trilogies, but the Wax & Wayne books are not the second trilogy Рthey are bonus books. It is a testament to the scope of the world Brandon has created that what began as a short story became a full length published novel, and now the first in a series!

If that wasn’t enough great news, Tor will be repackaging the Mistborn trilogy for a young adult audience through their Tor Teen imprint! With Brandon’s recent explosion on the YA fiction scene, this will introduce a whole new readership to the incredible world-building and intricate magic systems that have made his Mistborn books so beloved.